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Thoughtful design for inspiring clients.
Based at NEW INC, NYC


Future Architecture  Board Member

Bika Rebek is one of five board members of the Future Architecture Platform.
‘Bika Rebek is on the pulse’

NEW INC just published a piece on the future of museum technology highlighting Tools for Show.
SML construction begins

We just started building the new complex for SML in Redlham, Austria. Building time will be 18 months.
Pavilion of Slovenia -Venice Biennale

Investigating the past - present - future of architecture’s relationship with water.


A gentler take on the factory office
Redlham — under construction

Unbox Samsung
a contemporary Wunderkammer
Gangneung Olympic Park — 2018

The Drawing Room
collaborative drawing for all ages 
The Met Breuer, NY — 2016

an extension and new public community center,
Neuhaus an der Triesting

The Invisible Window
a sensory composition with Amore Agency
Haus der Architektur, Graz — 2017

Dhaka Art Summit
One Hundred Thousand Small Tales
Dhaka — 2018

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Venice Bienale Catalog Essay

Authenticity – The reproduction of Plečnik’s parliament of freedom
Annals of Computing

Annals of computing: “Silicon City” exhibition at the New York Historical Society questions origins of the digital era

Versopolis Interview

a conversation with Anja Kozel about a personal definition of architecture, the difference between short and long-term projects and coming back to work in Slovenia after many years.
Future Architecture Platform

Bika Rebek’s lecture at the Future Architecture Platform 2017 Conference at MAO Ljubljana

New York

231 Bowery
New York 
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Am Hundsturm 5/7.3
Wien, Austria

Some Place, NEW INC, New York
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