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Bika Rebek, Matt Choot with Emily Pope-Blackman
New York City

Spuma (lat. foam, froth, slime)

“What a nice rooftop canopy you are wearing!”
Spuma is a performance between architecture, dance and fashion. It turns a shaded canopy on a rooftop into a piece of clothing. In the brief transitional period the body of a dancer brings about this transformation.

The performance emphasizes how there can be different transitional states of something that is perceived a certain way because of what we expect it to be doing. When there is a fabric flattering in the wind above us we think of it as a canopy and in most cases we will not think of it as a garment.
When that same piece of material is wrapped around a body the opposite will be true- hardly would anyone come up to the wearer and say: what a nice rooftop canopy you are wearing! The theatrialic moment of transition blurs the transition from one state to the other. Suddenly it makes perfect sense that the dancer walks away from the performance wearing a rooftop canopy as an evening gown.

Some Place, NEW INC, New York
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