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Bika Rebek, Daniel Prost, Matt Choot
Georgios Albanis, Noemi Polo, Pam Anantrungroj

Redlham, Austria
Square footage: 63300 sqft
In collaboration with  Benesch, Stögmüller.

Some Place is designing the office headquarters of the engineering company SML, based in Lenzing, Austria. SML builds extrusion equipment for cast film lines and multifilaments and currently has a staff of about 260. Some Places has developed the office layout and facade for the office building as part of the new master plan. The office building is designed to allow for high degrees of privacy and concentration at work while fostering a communal and collaborative environment. The central atrium with a distinct staircase and changing outlines becomes the social and architectural center-point of the design.

Some Place, NEW INC, New York
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