Professional headlice remover shares the worst nits she’s ever treated

Professional headlice remover shares the worst nits she’s ever treated

If you’re a parent, or you were one of the unlucky kids at school, you’ll know just how frustrating it can be to treat headlice. The itching sensation, the smell of the shampoo and the endless, endless combing; it’s a lot.

But, luckily for people living in Perth, Australia, there’s an expert at hand, who is working to dispel all the myths and old wives’ tales around headlice on TikTok.

Sherrii, who goes by the name of NitPickerPerth on the video sharing app, regularly shares information about nits with her followers and how best to treat them, but it’s not pretty.

Recently, she shared a clip of one of the worst headlice infestations she’s ever treated, with the client having tried a number of different at-home treatments, and even other agencies, to no avail.

Just a word of warning: You’re going to have a seriously itchy head after watching this.

According to Sherrii, the woman was left with two options; either shave her head or seek professional help from an expert. Fortunately, she chose the latter.

This particular case was a big ask, even for Sherrii, as the client’s hair was visibly matted, meaning it took three sessions before it could be fully brushed through and then treated.

Even from a distance the lice could be seen on her head, due to the sheer volume of them, but after three sessions with the expert, the woman’s hair was silky, smooth, and completely nit free.

“I’m so glad she sought help because in three sessions we dematted and cleared it completely,” Sherrii, you are a miracle worker.

Elsewhere, Sherrii showed how she successfully de-liced a school girl, who was left with nits crawling in her hair for three months.