Mum takes two photos seconds apart to show reality behind Insta-perfect selfies

Mum takes two photos seconds apart to show reality behind Insta-perfect selfies

A mum is working hard to prove not all is as it seems on Instagram – the social media app filled with perfectly preened selfies – with her “Instagram versus reality” photos.

Jessica McElroy set up her Instagram account, @TheYorkshireMomma, after she gave birth to her second child, admitting she was seeking validation that her body was “normal”.

She began sharing pictures of her cellulite, stretch marks, scars and unfiltered, unretouched body to show others a realistic view of what motherhood really looks like, reports Yorkshire Live.

Now, the 26-year-old from Halifax, Yorkshire, has amassed a following of almost 2,000 like-minded mums who thank her for making them feel “normal.”

Jess the publication: “I struggled with my body image after having my second son – posting on Instagram and talking to other like-minded mums also searching for validation that their bodies are ‘normal’ has given me so much confidence in myself again.

“It makes me really emotional when people tell me I have helped them open up too. It makes me feel like I have a role.

“I have a newfound respect for my body after having children and I’m passionate on encouraging other mum’s to feel that way too.

“It’s incredibly cathartic.”

In one of her most recent uploads, Jessica shows a side by side of how easy it is to change how your body looks by posing differently.

She wrote: “Two photos taken SECONDS apart…

“I like the girl in each photo. I am happy in each picture and that’s all that matters.”

Jess continued: “My perception of my body is that it’s had two HUGE changes in a close period of time to each other and I accept it will never look like a 21-year-old pre-pregnant body again.

“It’s okay that I gain weight quickly, I can always lose the unwanted weight when I’m ready. It’s okay that I have rolls, they’re there to protect my organs.

“It’s okay for me to have loose/stretchy skin, I’ve carried two babies for 9 months that’s 18 months of stretching.

“I love seeing posts like this that’s why I wanted to do one myself to see that huge difference pictures can be perceived to how unnatural a body can look in photos.

“I’m pretty sure no pose can sort my belly button out though. RIP belly button.”

The blogger hopes her content will challenge the perception that social media pictures need to be “perfect”.

She said: “It upsets me that young girls and women feel the need to edit their images and feel as though they have to do that to be accepted or to meet beauty standards.

“All bodies are beautiful and the more people that are portraying that message the better, growing up I can’t remember ever seeing women in the media with bodies that looked anything like mine.

“I developed early and had curves and I was tall, I didn’t look like the stick-thin petite girls in the magazines but now with social media, we have got a real opportunity to normalise real bodies in every shape and size.

“I think new mums need to be able to see these posts and think ‘oh so I am normal, that’s what a body after a baby looks like.'”

Jessica post was flooded with likes from people who praised her for being so real and sharing such honest content.